First aid

Help Your Helpers

Imagine you or a loved one have just come home from a light workout, nothing different from the usual routine. Then, all of a sudden, everything goes black. Nobody is home to help, except for the caregiver who has been hired for situations just like this. So everything should be okay, shouldn’t it? At this point, it’s too late for them to learn, they either know what to do or they don’t. Assuming there is a domestic helper available, does he/she know the life saving techniques of CPR and first aid?

Summertime Fun and Safety

Summertime is here and that means people are out at the beach, children are having fun at camp, and just about everybody is enjoying their time in the pool. However, what comes with fun also comes with risks. Each year, over 3000 people drown in pool-related accidents. Children are especially prone to accidents around the pool, and several measures should be taken to ensure their safety. The first precaution that should be taken is teaching children how to swim, as they are at about eighty-eight percent lower risk of having a pool related accident with proper lessons.


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